The Polish Place Story

A cargo ship from Poland arrived in the New York Harbor on 9/11/01 containing all of the building materials for the Payson home. After months being stuck in the NY Harbor, the material was released and sent on to Arizona. The construction crew were all from Poland as well as all of the material used in the building of this home. The hand carved year “2001” that appears on the living room beam was done in memory of their arrival at New York on that fateful day. The beam that has the two eagles on each side of the home were hand carved on site by a Polish man and took about three months to complete. The wings were carved separately and then inserted into the beam to form the full eagle. The black iron brackets hanging from the living room beams were uniquely designed & hand forged. The circle cross design on the driveway was used when the builder came to the site, using it as the helicopter landing to get material up the mountain. The locals referred to the home as the “Polish Place” because during the building period, they were entertained daily by resounding polish polka-music echoing
throughout the pine trees.
We hope you come to learn the details of this place and we pray it becomes a relaxing retreat for all who enter its doors. 

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