Reservations & Rates

Email us for information on how to reserve directly, find us on Instagram or our AirBnB or VRBO pages under Polish Place on Pine Ridge!

Contact us for accurate rates based on your trip, but you can expect our nightly lodging fee to be $1000/night with a 3 night minimum, plus a cleaning fee.

Small events and gatherings may be permitted but it is extremely important to message us first about your upcoming needs. Our home has some very particular and unique aspects that make it
not suitable for most gatherings.

Hosting any type of event on top of lodging must be discussed and agreed upon
ahead of your reservation without exception; as the Polish Place on Pine Ridge is not intended to be a full event venue but rather a place for groups of families or friends to gather.
Vendors of any kind have to be approved and vetted prior to use and many rules and policies could apply for any company or individual on the property.

Any type of gathering or event regardless of size will require a separate facility event use fee.

No pets allowed – we do love our fur-babies trust us – but this property, the natural surrounding wildlife, and to respect other guests we do have a strict no pet policy in place. It is important to note wildlife and nature will be all around you. We are not responsible for any encounter with animals, critters, wildlife or any nature exposure. For more rules, policies and information please be sure to contact us.

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